Posted in Adelaide Fringe 2011

A Modest Exhibit (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 28 February 2011

The unfortunate thing about A Modest Exhibit is that its 2011 Adelaide Fringe run is over, and you’ve missed one of the most original and moving cabaret performances I have seen at the Fringe in a long time.

With an eclectic mix of songs that will entertain and delight you, this is the story of a young boy growing up and the muses that have helped him through hard times and inspired him to find his true path and meaning. Charles Sanders performs an honest and touching portrayal of those moments in life that defined who is and who he is still to become.  His voice is wonderful and he sings a variety of tunes with the elegance and style of a seasoned cabaret performer.

Early Worx in theatre and art should be commended for taking part in a wonderfully unique cabaret experience. If this is the calibre of their performances I hope to see much more of them and Charles Sanders.

– Suzanna Parisi NovaFM


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