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Burlesque Upon A Time (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 14 March 2011

I know I might be coming off strong right from the get go by saying this, but words cannot describe how absolutely and utterly abysmal this mis-guided “burlesque” act is.

Lets get one thing straight, putting tassels on your tits does not make you a burlesque show and generally burlesque shows have at least some semblance of a story – this has no story line whatsoever. Instead, a series of ridiculous segments yanked straight from popular Disney stories are re-enacted (if you can call it that) through unpolished and unprofessional dance numbers. It’s almost as if this is the beginning of a terrible antomime show where Home and Away and Neighbours stars will eventually go to die.

Not only were the tech’s of this show quite clearly volunteers with no previous experience on how to work microphones with ear piercing fold back a common reoccurrence, but my two year old niece could create a more professional set and series of props than these guys. To top it all off the shows host Rohan Watts, has quite clearly had a lot of practice in the art of “dad jokes”, all that was missing was a drummer to play Badoom Tish after every joke…so painful to sit through.

The only saving grace in this burlesque charade was co-host Cara Lousie, whilst not totally polished herself, she does posses a great stage presence and a pretty good voice to boot, such a shame she’s a part of an amateur burlesque act she’s clearly better than.

This is one of those shows that reminds you, artists often write their own blurbs in the Fringe guide because this “burlesque sensation that’s sweeping the nation” is not worth your time or money.

– Suzanna Parisi


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