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Foodie Love Jewellery

Lauren Ann Hillman has had a love affair with food ever since she was a little girl. Whether it was sweeping the floor at her Grandparents fish ‘n’ chip shop, scoring top marks in Year 12 Home Economics, pulling many a pint from her time working in UK pubs or serving hundreds of excited TV diners at The Greedy Goose (winner of Ch 7’s My Restaurant rules 2005), food always seems to be at the heart of Lauren’s creativity.

Now, Lauren Ann can call food her career. Not only is she currently workings for ABC TV researching food and story ideas for Poh’s Kitchen Series 3, she has developed a series of unique and creative food inspired jewellery called Foodie Love Jewellery.

Lauren Ann’s inspiration stems from her love of the Barbie dream house she had when she was 5, and all the miniatures that came with it, including the tiny butter dish and the 6mm cutlery set, but a recent trip to Thailand helped turn her love affair into an original business idea.

“I consider myself a bit of a foodie and I absolutely love big bright coloured rings and on a recent trip to Thailand, I stumbled across the most fantastic market in Chiang Mai that sold miniature food for dollhouses,” says Lauren Ann.

“On return I thought ‘That little plate of sushi would make a fantastic ring,’ and after sourcing a miniature food artisan in the UK that creates custom handmade mini food that I could turn into a ring or earrings, Foodie Love Jewellery was born.”

Beautiful and bright is definitely Lauren Ann’s style, and with her jewellery showcasing miniature cakes, yum cha, bento boxes, donuts and other food items, you’re sure to find a unique foodie ring or brooch that suits your taste.

So pop down to the Summer Fridays in the East End Markets in Ebenezer Place, each Friday during March from 5pm and say hi to the lovely lady and pick up your unique piece of foodie jewellery.

– Suzanna Parisi

Plus, for more info on how to purchase one of Lauren Ann Hillman’s rings visit her facebook page for all the info.


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