Posted in Adelaide Fringe 2011

The Wau Wau Sisters (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 25 February 2011

Hurry up and grab a ticket soon to see The Wau Wau sisters because there’s not much time before this cheeky mix of comedy, cabaret and acrobatics finishes up at the fringe.

The Wau Wau sisters, as their show suggests are naked as the day they were born, literally. So if you’re a bit of a prude and full frontal nudity isn’t your bag, then maybe give this a miss because it’s really hard not to notice the jiggling lady bits the minute the girls come on stage.

This show is a mix of hilariously filthy songs (and these sisters are filthy), with an absolutely intense, frenzied acrobatic performance and some side-splitting audience participation. The only downside is that you might be expecting more cabaret when it ends up being slightly more comedy. If you prepare yourself though for the Wau Wau sisters crazy mix of antics you’ll definitely enjoy yourself and have a unique Fringe experience with this show.

– Suzanna Parisi NovaFM


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