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Where Did It All Go Right by ponydance (Adelaide Fringe 2012) – (unpublished)

When you walk into The Stag and take your seat in preparation for watching Where Did It All Go Right by ponydance, your initial thought might be that you’ve stumbled onto the preparation of a So You Think You Can Dance audition, but don’t head for the door too quickly, because what you’ll soon realise is you’ve found yourself at a little hidden fringe gem.

In Where Did It All Go Right a guy and a two girls walk into a club, and it’s “game on mole” to see who can win his affection, through outrageous and comical dance numbers, to take him home at the end of the night.

This amateur dance/comedy production from Ireland has a lot going for them. Whist they’re not technically flawless in their dance moves by any means, they definitely win you over with their comedy, cheek and charm. They brilliantly capture the hilarity of two girls vying for one man’s attention, and manage to have you laughing and cringing at the lengths someone will go to in a club to be noticed, and what happens when you mix alcohol, sexual tension and outrageous personalities together. Indeed, some dance numbers are even more effective for their lack of technique, but what constantly shines through is this groups ability to take the piss out of themselves, making this funny and awkwardly funny at the same time.

This isn’t too dialogue heavy, which is great, because this groups comedy strength lies in portraying the ridiculousness of nightclub behaviour through their dance and not words. The dialogue they do use often falls very flat of fitting in organically into the show, but as usual their comedy makes up for those hit and misses.

Without spoiling too much, their audience participation is by far the most hilarious I have ever seen, the strobe light dance number is fantastic and the ode to flashdance number, towards the end, is the absolute stand out.

I get the feeling that the four performers in this show are on the verge of being Adelaide Fringe favourites, and I’m happy to have seen them before they get too big for their dancing shoes.

– Suzanna Parisi


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