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Best of the Fringe – Variety (Adelaide Fringe 2012)

For those of you who are yet to experience the Adelaide Fringe venue Gluttony, you’re missing out, because it’s what The Garden of Unearthly Delights used to be, before there was a line up a trillion miles to long get in.

This idyllic little parklands venue is host to a range of acts throughout the Fringe including the Best of The Fringe – Variety. If you’re not entirely sure what to see at the Fringe this year, then this little show tasting platter is just for you, as it serves up a stack of different show samplers every night. Each night is also a different line-up of national and international acts as chosen by its hosts Patrick McCullagh and Tim Motley, so what this means for you, is that your show could be very different to the one I saw. What you’re guaranteed to get though is an eclectic mix of acrobats, comedians, improv artists, burlesque dancers and whatever other genre the fringe can throw at us…hopefully not mimes though, because no one likes a mime.

Saturday’s opening night performance consisted of some really great acts including Canadian comedian Christophe Davidson, improv artists Sound and Fury, circus act Shannon McGurgan, Burlesque act The Barrell Sisters and an amazing sword swallower who I can’t remember the name of unfortunately (pays to hand your stuff out after the show then hey?). Christophe Davidson was quite clearly the stand out in this arena of acts, proving that the Canadian is your every man comedian, with the ability to charm a laugh out of his audience even with the a good old poo joke.

Host Tim Motley on the other hand was a complete swing and a miss, often failing to remember who he was introducing next, or delivering lame ba doom tish jokes with a hint of a sexual undertone, that were just not funny at all. Even his in-between magic acts were old and tired and circa 1980s…really…the ring trick…I’m pretty sure I discovered the secret to that trick when I was five.

The only other downside to this show is that while the other acts were interesting and unique in their own way, they often seemed a little devoid of preparation and rehearsal, but this could well be opening night jitters that will be ironed out over the next few shows. If anything you’ll at least find one good act, you’ll want to see in its entirety – I’m booking my Christophe Davidson ticket as we speak.

– Suzanna Parisi

Edition #540


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