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Dave Thornton – The Some of All the Parts (Adelaide Fringe 2012) (unpublished)

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve seen a standup comedian, which is ridiculous if you think about it because I love nothing more than a good belly laugh and the Fringe always offers up a plethora to choose from each year. My reason for giving them a bit of a rest though, is because everyone tends to do the same act each year or talk about the same stuff but just in a different way, and let’s face it that gets old.

So that said, I was pleasantly surprised when Dave Thornton stepped out on the stage.

Dave Thornton’s The Some of All the Parts is based on a real life event where he was booked to speak at a posh high school and tell the students what it’s like to be a comedian (yes very Any Questions for Ben?) – It was something that he found very difficult, but luckily for us absolutely hilarious.

Performed at the Rhino Room on a tiny little stage and with a tightly packed audience, the show allows for a lot of intimacy and interaction and brings us back to good old grass roots standup comedy, although Dave is very much the seasoned comedian. He effortless glides from the main story, to a billion different little offshoots that are all interconnected in some way and has us rolling in our seats laughing.

What makes Dave so great though, is he seems to be the every man. His humour is genuine and relatable, yet outrageous, as if he’s hasn’t censored that part in his brain that says “I probably shouldn’t say that” and that’s what makes his show one of the most original and utterly hilarious stand up acts I’ve seen in a while – buy a ticket soon because people will catch on quick as to how awesome his show is.

– Suzanna Parisi


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