Posted in Adelaide Fringe 2012

Damian Callinan – Robinson Crusoe

Damian Callinan is an unusual man…funny…but unusual.

His hilarious performance in last year’s State Theatre Company adaption of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged is what prompted me to want to see this – and the man does not disappoint. 

Callinan’s show Robinson Crusoe is based on the parallels of two epic stories. One tale is of the swashbuckling hero marooned on a Caribbean island, the other is Damian as a boy locked outside his childhood home and stuck in his garage for hours – totally the same thing.

From the moment Callinan steps on stage, you can’t help but laugh at his ridiculousness, whether he’s telling you the entire story of Robinson Crusoe in an absolutely hysterical 2 minute dance montage, making you crowd surf a cashew or getting you to see the funny side of his catholic upbringing, you will be guaranteed a good laugh.

I’m definitely having my faith in standup comedians renewed at this year’s Fringe, and Damian Callinan has certainly helped strengthen that faith because his show is fresh, original and downright funny.

– Suzanna Parisi

Issue #540


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