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Two Points of Reality by Move Through Life (Adelaide Fringe 2012) – (unpublished)

I love the Holden Street Theatre. Such a wonderful suburban theatre that puts on some amazing productions, and Move Through Life’s Two Points of Reality is another one they can add to the list.

Two Points of Reality is a contemporary dance performance that aims to depict the journey of an individual who is suffering from dementia. The performance takes us through one woman’s life before dementia, and as dementia is setting in, helping the audience to understand the slow deterioration of the disease, why people suffering from it behave the way they do and the carers who look after them.

This is a wonderfully moving performance, with dancers Catie Cullen, Karen Humphreys, Christine Mauch and Kelly Moritz moving with absolute grace and displaying wonderful technique. The minimalist set and costumes, in the darkened theatre space, adds to the portrayal of confusion by dementia patients and the often bleak outlook carers can experience.

Choreographer Daniel Turbill obviously has a personal connection with the source material, as evident through his emotive and inspiring dance numbers. My only criticisms are the film at the beginning of the piece, along with the commercial for Alzheimer’s Australia at the end, is slightly preachy and joltingly informative, rather than a seamless and complimentary piece to the actual dancing. Also, the short 40 minute performance is a little disappointing for a Fringe show, making you question why a topic, such as dementia, with its endless amount of material, couldn’t be stretched for another 20 minutes.

Don’t be put off seeing this show in the future though, or indeed any Move Through Life performance, based on this show’s heavy reality based topic, because Move Through Life have a unique way of portraying a serious topic, in a contemporary and inspiring way you can enjoy.

– Suzanna Parisi


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