Posted in Cabaret Fringe Festival 2012

Fack to Bront (Nexus Cabaret Theatre)

There is something really great about seeing amateur performers with a passion and sense of fun for music and singing that you know will one day make them really great polished performers, and Fack to Bront is one of those acts.

 A tribute to musical theatre, with a twist by flipping the sexes, the girls singing traditional boys songs and the  boys singing traditional girls songs, is both a moving and at times hilarious performance. I guarantee you’ve never heard All That Jazz or Confrontation from Jekyll and Hyde the musical, sung quite like this.

 Whilst the girls are quite clearly more confident and have far more superior voices to the five boys that make up the group, what the girls lack are the comedy skills and the boys make up for in spades, absolutely getting into the fun of their characters. That coupled with the group’s song choices, a mix of musical theatre and popular songs, makes Fack to Bront well worth their $22 ticket price. It’s absolutely wonderful and puts a smile on my face to see this group putting so much effort into making this a great show, and knowing that with each performance they give, the show will only keep getting better.

– Suzanna Parisi, DB Magazine, Edition #547,


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