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Dear Sooz….I’m having a birthday but…

Adult Birthday Party Supplies 3Question:

Dear Sooz…

I’m having a small get together for my birthday that’s just me, my partner and my parents. I’m also thinking about inviting a small group of friends along, so do I need to invite my in-laws?

The reason I ask is because my mates and my parents don’t like them, so can I get away with not inviting my in-laws?



Hi Anonymous,

Firstly, thanks and congrats on being the first person to be a part of Dear Sooz…you do have a bit of a dilemma here, but I think the answer is easy. You have two options:

OPTION ONE: Keep the gathering to yourself, your partner and your parents. That way the in-laws can’t get upset if they weren’t invited because it will be perceived as a ‘minor’ birthday celebration with just your family alone, and there won’t be any issues if in the future your partner decides to do the same thing and only invite his parents and not yours.

OPTION TWO: Invite all the people you want to invite PLUS your in-laws. Frankly, if your parents and your mates don’t like your in-laws they need to SUCK…IT…UP! It’s your in-laws, they’ll be in your life forever, there’s no escaping them, so everyone needs to learn to get along…or at least pretend to get along in each other’s company. Also, it’s not about them, it’s about you and forcing you to NOT invite people to your birthday, because THEY don’t like them, is pretty unfair and dare I say it…just a little bit childish.

Hope that helps in some way.



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