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Cantina (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 1 March 2011

A-FRIGGIN-MAZING!!!!! It’s a big call, but it’s safe to say that Cantina is by far the best show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival this year.

This is a show that will leave you calling for more. It’s Parisian, Burlesque 1920s feel will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch absolutely crazy and scary acrobatics, mind boggling magic and fantastic physical feats of contortionism. 

The Spiegeltent provides a wonderful backdrop to this dark, funny, risqué and yet stunningly beautiful show. Cantina really is one of those rare shows at the Fringe that delivers on every promise to entertain and delight – you really won’t be disappointed.

Hurry up and buy a ticket now because when word spreads about exactly how good this show is tickets will fly out the door.

– Suzanna Parisi NovaFM

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Hans’ Dirty Laundry (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 21 February 2011

Adelaide’s favourite German is back and he looks good!!! The trim and terrific Hans has a totally new cabaret show that will keep you entertained as he sings, dances and play’s he’s gorgeous accordion.

For those of you who have seen Han’s before this is a totally new show that not only entertains but makes you gasp then laugh hysterically as he fires off some well aimed bitchiness to Adelaide’s “celebrities”. Complete with stunning costumes, two cute Lucky Bitches as back up dancers and his band the Ungrateful Bastards, Hans will have you up off your seat dancing and singing along as he belts out some fabulous sixties tunes infused with some well known chart toppers.

Each year Hans is proving he not only has the legs to wear a pair of marvelous hot pants but entertain the Adelaide Fringe audience as a superstar cabaret performer. This is a high energy, laugh a minute, fly by the seat of your pants show, definitely worth seeing.

– Suzanna Parisi NovaFM

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Sammy J and Randy in Bin Night (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 18 February 2011

It’s easy to understand why Sammy J and Randy were winners of Best Show at the 2010 Melbourne Comedy Festival, because this is a ridiculously funny and super smart show, and the Le Cascadeur theater in the Garden of Unearthly delights provides an awesome venue to host this intimate comedy show.

Set in your typical everyday suburban street, Sammy J and Randy are on a stake out to catch a bin bandit, only thing is, this suburban street is anything but typical.

Combining smart wit and champagne comedy all wrapped up in a musical styling to keep us constantly entertained, you will laugh hysterically at the absurdity of watching a skinny man and purple felt puppet argue about the use of the word peruse or who gets to eat the food from their bin.

If you really can’t choose which comedy act to see this year, try one that’s amongst the most original and funniest I’ve seen for a really long time because you definitely won’t be disappointed – just be prepared for your face to hurt from laughing so much.

– Suzanna Parisi NovaFM

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The Wau Wau Sisters (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 25 February 2011

Hurry up and grab a ticket soon to see The Wau Wau sisters because there’s not much time before this cheeky mix of comedy, cabaret and acrobatics finishes up at the fringe.

The Wau Wau sisters, as their show suggests are naked as the day they were born, literally. So if you’re a bit of a prude and full frontal nudity isn’t your bag, then maybe give this a miss because it’s really hard not to notice the jiggling lady bits the minute the girls come on stage.

This show is a mix of hilariously filthy songs (and these sisters are filthy), with an absolutely intense, frenzied acrobatic performance and some side-splitting audience participation. The only downside is that you might be expecting more cabaret when it ends up being slightly more comedy. If you prepare yourself though for the Wau Wau sisters crazy mix of antics you’ll definitely enjoy yourself and have a unique Fringe experience with this show.

– Suzanna Parisi NovaFM

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Tom Tom Crew (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 17 February 2011 

If you can only see one show this Fringe make sure the Tom Tom Crew is it. A mixture of intense high energy drumming, beat boxing and acrobatics complete with a turntable soundtrack, you’ll definitely be flawed by their talent.

This is the type of Fringe show that is so outstanding you’ll find yourself saying “I could watch just that guy for an hour” but realise you’re saying it about every member of the crew.  A stand out has to be beat boxing wiz kid Tom Thumb whose mad skills on the mic are so unbelievable you can’t help but think he’s too good to be true, even though you’re seeing it and hearing it yourself.

This show is for absolutely everyone. Be prepared to sit with your mouth gapping open one second and then whooping and hollering with excitement the next.

One word describes the Tom Tom crew – Fan-freakin-tastic!!!

– Suzanna Parisi NovaFM

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A Modest Exhibit (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 28 February 2011

The unfortunate thing about A Modest Exhibit is that its 2011 Adelaide Fringe run is over, and you’ve missed one of the most original and moving cabaret performances I have seen at the Fringe in a long time.

With an eclectic mix of songs that will entertain and delight you, this is the story of a young boy growing up and the muses that have helped him through hard times and inspired him to find his true path and meaning. Charles Sanders performs an honest and touching portrayal of those moments in life that defined who is and who he is still to become.  His voice is wonderful and he sings a variety of tunes with the elegance and style of a seasoned cabaret performer.

Early Worx in theatre and art should be commended for taking part in a wonderfully unique cabaret experience. If this is the calibre of their performances I hope to see much more of them and Charles Sanders.

– Suzanna Parisi NovaFM

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An Evening of the Unexpected (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 6 March 2011

Often the Adelaide Fringe is overflowing with shows full of people claiming to be able to read your mind and guess everything you can ever imagine, and for the gullible amongst us you’ll love those shows. For the sceptics though, Anthony Laye’s An Evening of the Unexpected is the perfect foray into the world of mind boggling mentalism.

Anthony doesn’t profess to be a psychic instead he employs clever tricks such as subtle suggestion, misdirection and a little bit of reverse psychology to keep you guessing…how in the hell did he do that?

Although Anthony lacks a little of the sophistication and stage presents of his counterpart Philip Escoffey: Six More Impossible Things Before Dinner, he is still loads of fun and highly entertaining. It’s almost guaranteed that when you leave his show, your entire conversation home will be about trying to figure out exactly how he did what he did.

This show delivers on its promise of the unexpected and guarantees you an entertaining night out.

– Suzanna Parisi NovaFM

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Other People’s Problems (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 6 March 2011

As Sarah Quinn takes to the stage in Other People’s Problems, you’re not quite sure what to make of this play, what follows though is a wonderfully written story about three unique characters all with different philosophies on giving and taking life advice.

Sarah Quinn is outstanding in this one woman play, proving she is not only talented, but absolutely versatile as she eases effortlessly into each character. Her appearance and mannerisms change between the characters both subtlety and drastically at the same time, proving she is definitely someone to keep a close eye on in future Fringe Festival.

Whilst the Bakehouse Theatre provides the perfect setting for the intimate portrayal of three very different lives, the 6pm show time means plenty of Fringe goers might miss out on seeing this performance.

Knock off work a little earlier and take the time to see this unique, original and superb play.

– Suzanna Parisi NovaFM

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The Hermitude of Angus, Ecstatic (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 14 March 2011

Once in a while you’re reminded that often the Adelaide Fringe brings you shows that are just so weird and mind boggling, you realise anyone can put on a show at the Fringe.

A mixture of mime (yes, mime), chaotic dancing with no rhythm and some really bizarre physical “comedy” complete with a narrating voice over, it’s a pretty safe bet that this Fringe act is certainly not for everyone.

The Hermitude of Angus, Ecstatic is a show so unusual I’m still trying to figure out its point. I pride myself on being able to understand 99.9% of Fringe performances, even show’s that aren’t my “thing” I still manage to find something I’m fond of in the act – unfortunately though, not with this show. But perhaps I’m missing something, because not only were there two women who found this show utterly hysterical, as displayed by their loud obnoxious cackling, this also won Best Comedy at the Melbourne Fringe in 2010…I really just don’t get it.

Star of the show Vachel Spirason, is undoubtedly very talented throwing himself into the physicality of this role with energy and enthusiasm. He is versatile in the characters he must portray and does an incredible job delivering them to his audience, it’s just that the text he has to work with is extremely peculiar.

The Hermitude of Angus, Ecstatic is definitely for a niche audience, don’t go if you’re expecting to see comedy similar to the more popular acts of Sammy J and Randy because it’s guaranteed you will be disappointed.

– Suzanna Parisi

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Burlesque Upon A Time (Adelaide Fringe 2011)

Date: 14 March 2011

I know I might be coming off strong right from the get go by saying this, but words cannot describe how absolutely and utterly abysmal this mis-guided “burlesque” act is.

Lets get one thing straight, putting tassels on your tits does not make you a burlesque show and generally burlesque shows have at least some semblance of a story – this has no story line whatsoever. Instead, a series of ridiculous segments yanked straight from popular Disney stories are re-enacted (if you can call it that) through unpolished and unprofessional dance numbers. It’s almost as if this is the beginning of a terrible antomime show where Home and Away and Neighbours stars will eventually go to die.

Not only were the tech’s of this show quite clearly volunteers with no previous experience on how to work microphones with ear piercing fold back a common reoccurrence, but my two year old niece could create a more professional set and series of props than these guys. To top it all off the shows host Rohan Watts, has quite clearly had a lot of practice in the art of “dad jokes”, all that was missing was a drummer to play Badoom Tish after every joke…so painful to sit through.

The only saving grace in this burlesque charade was co-host Cara Lousie, whilst not totally polished herself, she does posses a great stage presence and a pretty good voice to boot, such a shame she’s a part of an amateur burlesque act she’s clearly better than.

This is one of those shows that reminds you, artists often write their own blurbs in the Fringe guide because this “burlesque sensation that’s sweeping the nation” is not worth your time or money.

– Suzanna Parisi